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Playing Hurt - Holly Schindler Blargh. Not my thing at all. Books that deal with cheating and deception are not an instant turn off for me. I’ve read books where the subject is handled realistically and effectively. Unfortunately, I almost missed whatever the point of this story was intended to be because I was too distracted by being annoyed with the characters. I really disliked both of them, and found them incredibly disengaging to read about. At a guess, I’d say the general theme of this novel was along the lines of “be brave and be true to yourself”, judging by the sports injuries as a metaphor thing running through it. And sure, I can roll with a story that deals with the fact that sometimes we hurt people we care about, and make poor choices. Unfortunately, this was not that story. This appears to be about two exceptionally selfish, immature people wanting to have their cake and eat it too. Also, “chemistry” does not cut the mustard with me as an excuse for acting like a jerk. Period. Mini-rant over. Readers who enjoy briskly-paced, upper YA heavy on the romance aspect may get more out of this than I did. For me, it was a swing and a miss. (Obligatory sports pun).