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Mostly Good Girls - Leila Sales Mostly Good Girls] was a bit of a charmer, really. When I took it out of the package (thanks Nomes!) it pretty much winked at me and flirted it's way to the top of my to-be-read pile. And on the whole, it was worth it. It's an amusing, irreverent story told in snappy vignettes and anecdotes, which gradually become more cohesive and structured as the narrative progresses. Violet's voice is endearing, and I definitely found it was her (sometimes unintentional) humour and clear characterisation that carried the story, rather than the plot. (My investment in the plot/conflict was probably only tenuous, at best). It doesn't break any particularly new ground in terms of the themes: the flux of friendships, the pressure of expectations (self-imposed or otherwise), high school drama, coming to terms with who you really are and what makes you happy.. but it's done in a witty, occasionally tongue-in-cheek style that makes it a brisk read with some poignant, reflective moments. [b:Mostly Good Girls did make me incredibly nostalgic - maybe not for high school itself - but definitely for the friendships, the jokes that are probably no longer funny to our adult selves, and the occasional ridiculous incident involving misuse of school property. There were some moments in this book that were extremely relatable and made me laugh - partially due to Sales' sharp style, and partially due to my own reminiscing. I can't claim that this was a life-changing, or deeply profound read - although it does incorporate some bittersweetly realistic scenes between Violet and Katie - but I really enjoyed Sales' writing and humour, and I will definitely be reading Sales' sophomore novel:Past Perfect