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Psych Major Syndrome - Alicia Thompson 3.5 starsSelf-Assessment:The Reviewer (that’s me) finished Psych Major Syndrome two days ago and presents with a mild yet persistent state of indecision over how to review and rate said book. The Reviewer states that she highly enjoyed the experience of reading Psych Major Syndrome, identifying with the main character and the sensation of “flailing” through the late teen years. That's a total joke. I'm still flailing.Reviewer has a tendency to over-analyse (case in point: this review) and thus found many of Leigh’s observations to be very relatable and quote unquote LOL-worthy. The Reviewer appreciates Leigh’s complicated feelings and certain amount of denial over her relationship with Andrew, the passive-aggressive (or just plain aggressive) competition between classmates, and the cold, hard realisation that she is, in fact, slightly naive. During the reading of this book, the Reviewer experienced some education-related feelings of envy. This is probably a subject for another day – as the Reviewer has not so much a chip on her shoulder about this, but more of a massive chunk out of it. While the Reviewer was entertained by the romantic element of the plot, and the chemistry between the characters, she does feel the denouement was slightly unrealistic and the literary equivalent of the ending of a John Hughes film. She also freely admits that she’s possibly just a cynic. She secretly loves the escapism. The Reviewer enjoyed Thompson’s writing style, and as aforementioned, it made her laugh. It’s a clever, relatable book with a voice she connected to. She feels conflicted about the mildly saccharine ending.Diagnosis: Rating Anxiety - The protest and distress exhibited by a chronically indecisive reviewer at the end of a mixed reading experience. The Reynje Incomplete Sentences Blank ReviewName: ReynjeMajor: Ambivalence!I read Psych Major Syndrome along with the lovely ChocoBecause I had seen some great reviews around and sometimes I’m just in the mood for some snarky funny romance, you know? The cover is delightfully green, and from a certain angle that girl really reminds me of a smiley Kristen Stewart – odd but true. The synopsis pretty much leaped off the screen at me and said “Hey, Reynje, you should read this because late-teen-analyses-her-life-and-herself-too-much has your name written all over it. “Leigh is a relatable character that I found myself identifying with so much sometimes that it was a little bit frightening (and not just because we both hate the misuse of “you’re” and “your”..)The narration blends Leigh’s snarky humour with emotional depth, and I thought her introspection and tendency to analyse were refreshingly realistic without being laboured. Andrew is a character that steadily climbed the list of fictional people I want to punch in the face Nathan is quite scrumptious, but maybe I just have a thing for musician type guys who are good at Maths and like cats..? I loved the way definitions of psychological theories were incorporated as chapter headings and how they were woven into the plot because I’m fond of clever stuff like that. I don’t believe that guys tell girls they smell like rain. Come on, Alicia Thompson and works of YA romantic fiction in general! Why do you build up my expectations only to have the real world kick them over? Why?!Hooray for emotional snap-decision haircuts that actually turn out to be amazing, because this also doesn’t happen in real life. Boo for emotionally manipulative, self-centred jerks who drive BMWs with heated seats. Rebekah is a surly little champion who tugged at my heart. I wish I had a cat called Euclid. And an eyepatch.Is it possible “to analyse something to the point where you could no longer see it?” Ab.so.lutely. The ending played out a little too rom-com style for me (is it possible to swoon and roll your eyes at the same time?)You should definitely read Psych Major Syndrome if you’re a fan of the upper YA realm of fiction with great voice and humour in a similar vein to Mostly Good Girls (and shirtless acoustic guitar players). EDIT: I'm revisiting this review briefly with an addendum, to address something that has been playing on mind. While this review came off fairly glib, I do stand by my feelings on it, in that I enjoyed it as a piece of mostly funny, witty escapism. However, it would be remiss of me not to point out that there was a particular scene/charater in this book that did not at all sit well with me. The scene is question is later reflected on by Leigh as one of the times she really enjoyed with her room mate Ami. However I need to say that I wish this scene had been different, and the secondary character involved (Li) had not been written in such a distastefully stereotypical way. I see that this scene was meant to inject humour, and it may not bother everyone, but I can't say that I felt comfortable with it at all.