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Bright Young Things - Anna Godbersen Expectations: I thought this would be an entertaining read. A consuming piece of escapism. I like historical fiction and I was really looking forward to Godbersen’s take on the 1920s.Vs. Reality: Honestly, I struggled with the writing in this book. The idea was fine, I just don’t feel like it was executed as well as it could have been. I frequently found myself stumbling over awkward turns of phrase and clunky descriptions, to the point where I would stop reading to think, “Wait, what?” and have to re-read sentences and paragraphs. For this reason I didn’t ever feel absorbed by the story, just kind of detached. I eventually started turning the corners of pages down to mark some of the more heavy-handed prose so I could re-read them later and practice editing. I can’t say that I felt connected to any of the characters in this story. I didn’t like or dislike them. I simply didn’t care about them. Further, I don’t rate this as historical fiction. There was so much potential in the setting and the period, but I just found the story fell flat and the depiction of New York in the Roaring 20s lacked the authenticity I was looking for. For me, the strongest part of the book was the opening, before the actions moves to the city. I know this book has a lot of fans, but I just have to say it just wasn’t for me.