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Diana F+: More true tales & short stories - Lomographic Society International My edition looks a little different to this one - the cover art matches this pretty lady:Diana F+ SaharaNot a lot here I didn't already know in terms of Diana's history, but some of the "vingettes" are lovely, especially "Lizzie the Antique Shop Spelunker" and "Goddess of the Hunt".Favourite quotes: "Many people have a fault of treating people like objects, but Lizzie possesses the fault of treating objects like people. This is just the way she relates to the world." - Sarah Zucker, p103"..armed with her fragile plastic soultrap. She had moved on from the things she knew to the things she didn't, still equipped with her keen eye for story and her lust to steal the world away and tuck it into her heart of hearts." - Regina Belmonte, p133"