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Something, Maybe - Elizabeth Scott A Week in YA Kissing Books - Haiku Mini Review #1Your "Hugh Hefner" DadDoesn't make you a nymphoThrow more rocks at boysI'm not entirely sure why I liked this one so much out of all the Elizabeth Scott books I've read, but I've narrowed it down to the following reasons:1. Hannah - I thought she was a great protagonist and I enjoyed reading from her perspective. Her situation was unusual, but she was still relatable in her quest to be "invisible". I found her quite funny actually, particularly when she has a geode in hand and isn't afraid to peg it at someone. 2. Hannah's Mum - I was briefly worried at where this was going, as far as the way Hannah's mother was presented. But ultimately, I think she was an interesting character and Scott doesn't cast aspersion on her choices. She likes what she does and she's supportive of her daughter. I thought her view on love and relationships was explored well and felt realistic.3. Josh and Finn - Sure, we all knew where this was going, right from the start. But I'd be lying if I said I couldn't relate to falling for a swaggering ass-hat's charms and finding out the hard way.4. Call Centre Drudgery and Highjinks - The boredom. The ridiculous requests. The inter-office antics. It actually made me feel a little nostalgic. For about three seconds.