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Adorkable - Sarra Manning I love this book in the same way I love shouty post-hardcore music of the late 80s, wearing jumpsuits of any kind, and the smell (and when I was little, probably the taste too) of Clag. Which is to say: unashamedly, unreservedly and somewhat incongruously with my usual predilections. I generally like my contemporary YA on the messy, introspective side, with hefty doses of realism and minimal use of “teen speak”. So colour me surprised to find this book sort of adorable, despite the presence of a mildly scoff-worthy set of circumstances and enough repetition of the words “totes” and “blates” to give me an eye-twitch. In lieu of a review, (and because, you know, ALL THE REFERENCES) I’m just going to list 10 Things I Love About Adorkable: 1 Michael Lee2 Dialogue that made me laugh out loud (yes, LOL, really).3 Characters with actual chemistry that made me want to smoosh their heads together and make them kiss.4 Characters with actual flaws who behave like actual teenagers (aside from the whole media empire thing, which is not exactly typical) and actually develop throughout the story! Huzzah!5 Sidestepping the Manic Pixie Dream Girl stereotype by making Jeane, well, kind of horrible sometimes and not ridiculously twee despite the ball gown wearing and whatnot.6 Irrational emotional breakdowns set off by uncooperative inanimate objects.7 Moments of honesty and sadness tucked away like little Easter eggs. Little, emotional Easter eggs, if you will. Yeah, I choked up I’m not made of stone, ok.8 Aside from being hilarious, it’s also smart and witty and has Things to Say without being all being all up in your face with “An Important Message For Teens”. 9 Recognition of the fact that being a dork is awesome.10 Michael Lee. Yes I know he’s on here twice shut up it’s my list. (Bonus points for the absence of a Breakfast Club style reveal that the ‘weird’ girl is actually (gasp) beautiful! There’s nothing like reinforcement of the idea that you need to look like everyone else in order to be considered attractive to bring on a rage-blackout in this reader..)So in summary, how I feel about Adorkable:(Sorry, I've been on a Summer Heights High bender this weekend and I'm only communicating in Ja'mie King gifs for the foreseeable future. Review to come.)